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What is Blender Queue add-on?

This Add-on is designed to save time and optimize your rendering workflow, offering sequential rendering of files and scenes. By maintaining an organized list of your projects, you avoid repetitive searching. This makes working with projects easier.

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How will Blender Queue add-on help your workflow?

🚀 Maximize Your Creative Workflow

Accelerate project execution and save money for your business by utilizing the Blender Queue add-on. With this tool, your workflow would look something like this – during the workday, you set up several different project files and quickly preview animations using, for instance, the Eevee renderer. Before the end of the workday, you will change render engine for these items to Cycles and start batch render using Blender Queue. By the next morning, you can expect to see high-quality animations.

📂 Seamless Project Management

You won’t need to recall and search for output folders for post-processing – they can be easily located in the addon’s item list. Plus, if quick modifications are needed in the work files, you can directly select the project file you wish to open from the list.

⏱️ Quick-Check Render Settings

Under each item in the Blender Queue add-on, you will find project file management buttons and an overview of render settings, including the number of samples, denoise options, file format and other relevant information. This feature allows you to easily ensure that all the important aspects are verified for perfect rendering results.

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Exclusive Features at Your Fingertips

  • Sequential Batch Rendering: Automate the rendering process by queuing multiple projects and scenes for sequential rendering, enhancing workflow efficiency.
  • Easy Project Management: Add projects to the render queue directly from the Blender interface, managing your render list with ease and avoiding the hassle of searching for files.
  • Flexible Project Addition: Use the “Add Current Project” or “Add Blend Files” options to easily queue individual or multiple projects for rendering, directly within Blender.
  • Rendering Control: Manage the rendering process with the ability to stop batch renders, and seamlessly resume where you left off without needing to adjust frame start values in the file.
  • Detailed Project Insights: Access key information and controls for each queued project, such as render engine, samples, frame range, and output format, enabling efficient management and necessary adjustments before rendering.

Independent of Your Blend Files:

Blender Queue operates independently of your blend files. It utilizes a separate JSON file within Blender’s system directory to store project information. This ensures consistent behavior in the Blender Queue list. Regardless of which blend file is currently open, or if you’ve closed and reopened Blender, the add-on will always display the projects you’ve added, eliminating the need to reload or re-add files for each rendering session.

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